We are Developers, Engineers and Construction Professionals

We are driven by what we see around us — potential. The potential to harness growth in neighborhoods. The potential to create stronger, more united communities. We are MIR Developments — and we invest in the communities that surround us, and the communities we live in. With decades of experience in the industry, we bring a vision-driven, detail-oriented eye to every project, large or small.

The MIR Developments team believes that the right real estate opportunities benefit more than just investors — they benefit entire communities. MIR Developments was founded with one intention — to transform neighborhoods, communities and those who live in them by developing real estate projects that match the area’s demands.Started and led by Floridians, the MIR Developments team brings their extensive knowledge of the area to each and every project.

Our Approach
To invest in the communities and properties that will have an impact for decades to come.